Day 5: One Man and His Family

the-dove-sent-forth-from-the-ark-1866.jpg!BlogSin creeps in, darker and darker. Corruption is spreading and the world looks bleak. Is there any hope? Is there any way for the offspring to come?

There is one man. Noah.

The Lord asks Noah to build an ark because a great flood was coming. Why? Because…“the Lord regretted that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him to his heart.” (Genesis 6v6)

Noah seemed to be the only righteous man. So the Lord used this one righteous man and all those that belonged to him, his wife and sons and daughter in-laws to bring them through the storm of judgment and into safety. Into a new land. He also saved a bunch of animals too to fill that land.

Once the storm was over, the Lord set a rainbow in the sky. A promise that he won’t flood the earth again in the same way. The bow is now set on him.

Noah is not the offspring. But he shows us a glimpse of the offspring to come. An offspring that will save all those that belong to Him.

This is the story of the bible that is repeated throughout; that one righteous man and his family will  be saved through the darkest storm of all.

Christmas is about the righteous man Jesus who comes to gather up his family in order to save them.

*Painting by Paul Gustave Doré


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