Now What?

Have you ever had that feeling after the 25th December?

The one that comes after all the hype, where all that is left is torn wrapping paper, boxes strewn across the room and turkey left overs?

You ask yourself: What was it all about again? Cos no one can remember.

It seems that the lights on the tree aren’t as bright anymore and those Christmas jumpers are becoming a bore.

The TV screams SALE SALE SALE.

While the amount of chocolate and cheese consumed makes you turn pale.

You look upon the room and it seems colder and darker than before.
Nothing to live for.
Another year ticking over and fast approaching that Monday morning work day. 

Another 365 days to go. Just got to get through it. Through the routine. Gotta survive the boredom and mayhem, the nine to fives and evening telly.

Now What?

Where Christ is taken out of Christmas you are just left with a mass…
of unwanted presents, extra pounds to the thighs and a constant whine of the sales.
There is family though, but then they go.

Now What?

Christ becoming flesh, walking among us. Living, breathing,eating, walking,playing and then dying to bring salvation.

Risen to life.
To bring eternal life.
Life to the fullest. A stream of water that can be drunk deeply every day.

What was Christmas about?

The promised Son. God incarnate.

And so now we drink deep from that well of living water. We have a mass to Christ. A Mass of repentance and remembering.

A mass of laughter, joy and feasting. A Mass of tears and sorrow but hope running through-out. Not just on the 25th but everyday.

Everyday is worth living for because of Him. He gives life to our souls.

Now What?

We die to ourselves and live in Him.
We look upon the gifts, food, wine and family with great joy and thankfulness. But never seeking life and fulfilment in those things.

Those things that tell us how to look and what to wear, what to cook and how to have our hair. They will leave us in great sorrow and under many burdens.

Instead we seek life in Christ. Resting in Him, Enjoying Him.

That’s what.


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