Collection of Webs 2013

I thought as we are coming to the end of 2013 I would do a special Collection of Webs with a round up of films, books, and blogs that I have enjoyed this year. I would love it if you also let me know what your favourites were in 2013!

Lets start with…


Here are my top 3 christian books of the year and then top 3 fiction books of the year.

Top 5 Christian Books:

1. Desiring the Kingdom
PrintThis is a fantastic book about worship and how humans worship. There are so many insights into how people are lovers before they are thinkers. That our heart drives our motives and actions. Every time I read this I had to keep putting it down and spend an hour thinking over what I had just read!


2. Serving without Sinking


This is a book that I would recommend every Christian to read. It’s very challenging and gets to the heart of our motives of why we do or don’t serve. This book brings us back to who Jesus is and how to have our joy in Him.



3. Of gaming and God


I read this book because I was doing a seminar at a Christian Conference about Christians playing Video games. This is probably the best book I have read on how to approach video gaming in a godly way rather than a “It’s all a waste of time”. I enjoyed reading this and if you are a gamer and a Christian then this is a book you should certainly read!


Top 3 fiction books

1. The Silmarillion


This is quite a heavy book to read, so if you pick it up thinking you are going to read something like Lord of the Rings then think again. Instead this book gives a back story of Middle Earth and its a wonderful picture of creation, the fall and redemption. Tolkien is a brilliant writer and I love how the story all weaves into one.

2.Life of Pi


This is a wonderful creative story based around a boy in a shipwreck and his imagination. I thought it was rather clever and an enjoyable read, plus the twist at the end was rather good!


3. Cloud Atlas

download (1)

I really enjoyed this book, although it was rather strange especially in the middle of the book! But the way the story weaved together and worked itself out was brilliant!! The film is also very good.


Here are my top 3 favourite films that I have seen this year:

1. Seeking a friend for the end of the world – This was a film that had a mixture of laughter and tears for us as we watched this. I thought the very idea of this was brilliant. The end of the world is coming and at the very center of this is a story about two people becoming friends and needing each other. I really enjoyed it!

2. Now you see me – A film about illusionists, deception and a bit of magic. With twists, turns and action this film was rather fun to watch. I loved the twist at the end!!

3. Zero Dark Thirty – I think this film was based on a true story? A rather moving film with heart wrenching scenes throughout. I thought the film was well made and would certainly recommend it!

Blogs worth visiting:

There are loads of blogs/websites/articles out there but here are some ones that I have enjoyed this year to put on your list:

1. GameChurch – A Website and blog full or articles and reviews written by Christians about video games.

2. Feminist Frequency – A website of videos and articles about how women are portrayed in video games. A very interesting read!

3.Ted Turnau’s blog and website on how Christians are to engage with pop culture.

4. Claire Bruff’s fantastic website with her own music on there. She is a lady from my church and she has an amazing voice! Certainly worth listening to!

Well that is my list for the year!! I hope you enjoyed it and please do comment or add your list on your blog or comment below!

Happy New Year.


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