Collection of Webs 2013 Part 2

Now I am going to do a round-up of my favourite blog posts and articles from friends and around the web, most of them appeared in my collection of webs that I do monthly. So here is a year (in no particular order) in Blog Posts:

1. Ellie shares her thoughts on the subject of Purity

2.A great post from Wendy over at ilovedevotionals on God will find you in your dark place

3. My friend Emily writes about Elijah and the Broom Tree.

4. Bish writes about maturity and not being able to Microwave it.

5. David Murray writes about being a Godly administrator. 

6. Ali goes through a series about transition and here is a post about those awkward moments.

7. Tanya writes about the Theology of hair curlers and creativity

8. An article about sexism and online gaming

9. Rachel Held Evans writes about “You don’t hate me, you hate my brand”

10.Jon Marlow writes about headship and love

11. Kath writes about her thoughts on Work

12. An article about whether there will be coffee on the new earth?

Well that’s a round-up from the web!  Now here are my top 5 posts from my blog that seem to be most popular:

1. The Christian’s Vital Breath

2. The Delight of Old books

3. Labels

4. The Hunger Games: Identity and Saviour

5. When the broken walk in


4 thoughts on “Collection of Webs 2013 Part 2

  1. Great list! The theology of hair curlers one made me smile a lot, as I recall your significant involvement in the writing of that post! Thanks for being my muse 🙂

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