First Monday Morning

coffee_morningThe first Monday back after the holidays always feels like the hardest. I think someone may have put weights on my feet in the night which stop me from getting out of bed! Especially when its the first Monday of the new year, everything is riding on these next few hours. It feels like the trajectory of the year is hinged on these very moments as I get out of bed bleary eyed and inject caffeine into my veins.

It’s the first day of work for us. Husband has already left at the crack of dawn to inspire some little people as I attempt to boil an egg and try not to get too much shell on my toast (this was unsuccessful). Soon I will be whizzing up the M5 to the North (everything is North above Devon) to some remote place near Birmingham where there is no signal or people for miles and miles. At least we are not camping!!

A new year has arrived and I wonder how it will go? I never make resolutions because I can’t keep them and I dont want to feel like a failure before I have even started!But I do ask myself:

I wonder what trials will come and what happiness?

What changes will there be and how will that affect our lives?

How will I be different this time next year?

This year marks 10 years as a Christian. If 10 years ago I hadn’t been told about Jesus then I think my life would look very different. I wouldn’t be where I am now or in this job or indeed married to my husband. It’s strange to think that isn’t it? The choices you make now really do impact your future. I wonder what choices I make this year that will impact me in the next 10 years?

I am glad that I don’t have to do this alone. Having a husband to walk this road with me, having an amazing church that supports us and new friends here in the city to laugh and cry with! The Lord gives all of these days and people as a gift to us and some days I will waste them and some days I will make the most of them, enjoying the hours and friendships more fully.

Perhaps I do have a resolution?

I kinda want this year to be about making the most of the opportunities I have. To seek more time in prayer and delighting in Jesus. To be able to spend more time with friends who are local and opening up our home more. To make the most of every day and hour, either filled with work, friends or rest. But not in idleness which always seems to creep up on me and pin me to the sofa! Urg.

Yet everyday is a new day, which is a relief. This year doesn’t hinge on today or any day for that matter. This year hinges already on what Jesus has done and what he is going to do.

And this is good news that I need to remember everyday.


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