25 Days till Christmas

2christt&magi3This is a series that I am currently writing about the meaning of Christmas.

Each post is building up a picture of the story of the bible. It’s not in-depth or a bible study.

It’s the story of an offspring waiting to be born and its the story of the Triune God. It’s a story of hope and times of despair, it’s about light and darkness, love and loss, good and evil. So as we lead up to Christmas with the lights, trees, turkey, chocolate, presents and log fires, let’s be reminded about the true story of Christmas:

Day 1: In the Beginning

Day 2: Where are you?

Day 3: The Chosen Offspring

Day 4: The Blood that Cries Out

Day 5: One Man and His Family

Day 6: Sons Not Slaves

Day 7: The Lord will Provide

Day 8: Nothing but the Blood

Day 9: A Treasured People

Day 10: An Offering

Day 11: The Redeemer

Day 12: The Anointed King

Day 13: The Serpent Slayer

Day 14: The Suffering Servant

Day 15: The Lord who Sings

Day 16: A Promised Child

Day 17: The One who Betroths

Day 18: Waiting

Day 19: Silence

Day 20: The Way Prepared

Day 21: The Promised Seed

Day 22: The Horn of Salvation

Day 23: His Tender Mercy

Day 24: Just before the Dawn

Day 25: Jesus is Born

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