Engaging with Culture

I love thinking and having discussions about culture. To watch a film or read a book and grasp the various strands of thought that is conveyed to the audience and then work out what the Gospel story has to say to these ideas. I have been trying to write some of these ideas up on my blog and start some conversations or thought processes. So with that happening, I wanted to collect all these posts and put them on this page. I hope you find them helpful!

Black Mirror:

15 Million Merits: Reality of Escapism

The Entire History of You

Be Right Back

Black Mirror: Life, Death and Resurrection – (Summary)


What Disney Shows Us

The Desire for Beauty – Apple, Wastelands and Beauty

The Truman Show: Freedom Outside the Cage

 Second Chances and Time Travel (Film – “About Time” and “Another Earth”)

The Man upstairs in the Lego Movie

Dexter and the Problem of Evil

Ender’s Game: Loving the Enemy

Frozen: True Love

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