Collection of Webs 2013 Part 2

Now I am going to do a round-up of my favourite blog posts and articles from friends and around the web, most of them appeared in my collection of webs that I do monthly. So here is a year (in no particular order) in Blog Posts:

1. Ellie shares her thoughts on the subject of Purity

2.A great post from Wendy over at ilovedevotionals on God will find you in your dark place

3. My friend Emily writes about Elijah and the Broom Tree.

4. Bish writes about maturity and not being able to Microwave it.

5. David Murray writes about being a Godly administrator. 

6. Ali goes through a series about transition and here is a post about those awkward moments.

7. Tanya writes about the Theology of hair curlers and creativity

8. An article about sexism and online gaming

9. Rachel Held Evans writes about “You don’t hate me, you hate my brand”

10.Jon Marlow writes about headship and love

11. Kath writes about her thoughts on Work

12. An article about whether there will be coffee on the new earth?

Well that’s a round-up from the web!  Now here are my top 5 posts from my blog that seem to be most popular:

1. The Christian’s Vital Breath

2. The Delight of Old books

3. Labels

4. The Hunger Games: Identity and Saviour

5. When the broken walk in

Collection of Webs: October

The time has come for Collection of Webs. Here is a round-up of articles, blogs and fun stuff to read or watch that I noticed in October! Enjoy

Blog Posts worth reading:

What Sin REALLY Is (The Human Propensity to F**k Things Up) by Francis Spufford The result is that when you come across someone trying to use “sin” in its old sense, you may know perfectly well in theory that they must mean something which isn’t principally chocolatey, and yet the modern mood music of the word is so insistent that it’s hard to hear anything except an invocation of a trivially naughty pleasure.

Will we drink coffee on the New Earth?It’s fine if you don’t like coffee, but to suggest that coffee is inherently unspiritual is . . . well, heresy. It directly contradicts the Scriptures just cited. God made the physical and spiritual realms not to oppose each other but to be united in bringing glory to him.

A visit means more than a text “You know, there were lots of people who sent their sympathy via emails and text messages. But you came. You visited. That meant more to me than all of those texts put together.”

The Scientifically Best Time to Drink Your Coffee – Many coffee drinkers roll out of bed and get their daily dose of java as soon as possible. Because of the way coffee affects our bodies, though, there may be more ideal times to drink it

You Might Be a Celebrity Christian Wannabe If. . .In blogdom, writing, and pastoral ministry in general, there is a temptation to pursue being popular; to pursue being a celebrity.

How To Read More — A Lot More – If you want to read more, there’s no real secret. It’s about adjusting your priorities and your perception so that reading becomes an extension of who you are and what you do.

My Friend Is Hurting. What Do I Say?How do you respond to a friend who’s hurting? I have a post-graduate qualification in counseling, I have been a paid Christian minister for over a decade, I have also experienced suffering. But nothing in my experience or training is as useful as this simple verse:…”

October feels like a slow month, probably because the weather is changing, the nights are colder and darker. But soon it will be christmas which I am very excited about!!!

Let me leave with a very cool collection of pictures of street art. Enjoy.

Collection of Webs: September

A slightly late post of collection of webs for September, my apologies. The start of term has been slightly manic. But here we are for a round-up of articles, blogs and fun stuff to read or watch that I noticed in September! Enjoy

Blog Posts worth reading:

From the Internet Monk: A Joyful and Vibrant Life: Cultivating Community as Slow Churches “It can seem more practical and convenient to keep to ourselves and minimize the risk that we’ll get entangled in the lives of others. And yet, as much as we are formed by Western individualism, and though we have allowed that individualism to shape the way we read scripture, our calling in Christ is to community…”

The Science of What Makes an Introvert and an Extrovert An interesting article about how Introverts and Extroverts approach situations and how their brains react.

Alison Bolton blogs about her new Role after being a UCCF staff worker. This is a brilliant article about how we view work and where we place our identity.

Also Kath writes her thoughts about work, which is another brilliant and challenging blog post: “It’s hard to maintain this wide picture of work in a world which places so much value on our paid work/job status. I’m so frustrated at the moment that our government can’t see this or express value in a life that doesn’t involve paid employment.”

Dave Bish blogs on 5 ways to do Social Media better – this is very helpful, especially if you love using social media or if you find it tough to know how much and in what ways to use it!


Just finished reading the Silmarillion by Tolkien. A wonderful book full of the history and stories of middle earth.

Now I am reading Eragon. Which is a fantasy book about a boy and a dragon.

And I am also reading Connect, which is about how to get more people to volunteer in church.

Posts on my blog:

Freshers, Fruit, Flu and Flyering: a post about freshers week

I am From – a I linked up with a Syncroblog post about where I am from.

Also do check out two new book reviews at the Book Square Blog on Communicating for a Change and The Freedom of Self-forgetfulness


Collection of Webs: Summer Edition Pt2

Here is the second part of the Summer Edition of Collection of Webs. Here are some articles and blogs that caught my attention over the summer:

Articles and Blogs:

Courage in the ordinary:
“But I’m starting to learn that, whether in Mongolia or Tennessee, the kind of “giving my life away” that counts starts with how I get up on a gray Tuesday morning. It never sells books. It won’t be remembered. But it’s what makes a life.”

Why the Internet isn’t Magic Land: In their mind, every Christian ministry is expected to have every possible resource available on every possible platform. And they want it now! Not only do they want it now, that want quality, and they want it for free.

Our Unspoken god:
It’s dangerous making too much of anything but Jesus in this life. Fashioning little idols is all too easy. Or just making material things the centre of life rather than God. The problem is not consuming to live, but rather living to consume.

Sexism in Online Gaming Communities:
Most of the female gamers I know or have talked to say they try to avoid mentioning their gender when grouping up with others. And if it gets out (which it sometimes does if voice chat gives them away or they slip up when typing) they feel pressure to not do anything about the inevitable torrent of sexism that comes their way. Retaliating, even if it’s just politely asking to stop, might make things worse. (*There is swearing in this article)

Happy Clappy:
So let’s ask a tough question: Is there anything about evangelicalism (as opposed to other kinds of Christianity) that makes depression even harder? Or even, perhaps, more likely?

A New Suit:
A wonderful story about Billy Graham.

You Don’t Hate me. You hate my Brand:
Perhaps the most radical thing we followers of Jesus can do in the information age is treat each other like humans—not heroes, not villains, not avatars, not statuses, not Republicans, not Democrats, not Calvinists, not Emergents—just humans.

The Church needs to stop telling husbands to lead, and start teaching them how to love.
And I want to suggest that these household codes have nothing to do with maintaining patriarchal society, instead, we see submission and love as the counterpoint to the sinful tendencies pronounced over women and men at the fall.

Collection of Webs: May

I can’t believe it is June already! When did that happen? Well here is a monthly collection of webs where I share with you what I have been reading on blogs, articles, books and what I have been watching or listening to. If you have missed any collection of webs this year you can find them all on this page.

Blogs Posts from friends:

My friend Ali has been writing about “Transition”. She is leaving UCCF staff and her blog posts are reflecting on her 3 years as a staff worker. Here is one of my favourite posts on her series: Awkward Moments

James Watts has been writing a great little piece on the Screwtape letters, but it is his own version called: Screwtape proposes a toast

Tanya over at Thread writes about being a Couch Potato vs Workaholic. I found this very challenging and helpful!

Blog Posts Out There:

Andrew Wilson over at Think Theology writes about Feminism: Baby and Bathwater.

Paul Miller writes about his experience of being offline and without any internet for a whole year: When I left the internet I expected my journal entries to be something like, “I used a paper map today and it was hilarious!” or “Paper books? What are these!?” or “Does anyone have an offline copy of Wikipedia I can borrow?” That didn’t happen.

Wendy writes about Women and the OT: The Old Testament gets a bad rap among progressive Christians at times. Some refer to its texts revealing harsh treatment of women as “texts of terror.”


I have now finished reading Cloud Atlas. Which was a rather interesting read. At points I was rather confused, but in the end I have to say that it was well written and rather clever!

I have also finished reading Serving without Sinking which I have reviewed here.

I am now reading Blue Like Jazz. And I am still dipping in and out of War and Peace…which will take me ages to read.

In the Garden:

I have started a little blog series about our garden which you can check out here: Green Fingers #1, Green Fingers #2

Posts on my blog:

Church is a hospital: I wrote a guest post over at my church’s blog.

I reflected on Bank Holiday Monday – a bit of fun writing!

I wrote about M.E awareness week which I discovered produced a lot of thoughts and comments from people.

I wrote about a true story of healing and faith in my church.

What have you been up to this month?

Collection of Webs: April

Here is a monthly collection of webs where I share with you what I have been reading on blogs, articles, books and what I have been watching or listening to. If you have missed any collection of webs this year you can find them all on this page.

Blogs Posts from friends:

Bryony writes about her Church Youth Weekend away: If you have Jesus, then you have everything you need for life. Not just today, not just in this moment, but for your whole life. (Amen to that!)

I am currently studying 2 Timothy with Bish at the moment, so it’s always great to see him blog about it. Here is a cracking post about maturity: “Wisdom is chewy.
Wisdom is slow-cooker.”

Emily unpacks the story of Elijah when he stops to rest under the broom tree. Its a great little post to encourage you!: “I know the journey is too great for you. Here, eat this, and drink a little of this water.’

Mike Shaw writes about students and their final year exams, an encouraging post in a season of exams and anxieties for students: “So as many students enter their final year, their priority has to be cross shaped, not exam shaped.”

Tanya wrote an amazing and challenging post on Disability living allowance in the UK. This is certainly worth a read: “It is plain misleading, and the truth of what is happening is being buried under debates about Wizard of Oz songs in the charts.”

Blog Posts Out There:

An article about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s daughter and her battle with depression: “Christians who suffer from depression find themselves “suffering quietly and in fear of what their friends would say”, she said.”

What happens when you really disconnect? “By the end of nine days, I felt empowered and enriched. With my brain quieter, I was able to take back control of my attention.”

Pam writes about Naming the Top: “I’m sure Jesus mentioned something about arguing who is the greatest”

David Murray writes I’d rather be a godly administrator than an ungodly minister: “You spend your week filing papers, printing reports, chasing up bad debts, putting stamps on envelopes. Then you go to church on Sunday and you see a man leading hundreds in worship and prayer, and preaching inspiring sermons. It’s pretty obvious who’s pleasing God most isn’t it?”


I finished reading Life of Pi! Which I really enjoyed, I haven’t seen the film yet but I really want to! I think its such a clever book and lots of themes can be drawn out from it!

I’m now reading Cloud Atlas which is a fun and really different book. I am only a quarter of the way through but I think all the lives of different people will link together throughout the book!

I’m also reading Serving without Sinking by John Hindley which has been an encouraging read. Its been focusing me back onto Christ which is certainly what I need!

In the Garden:

We have started gardening this year. Already planted: Carrots, potatoes, garlic, broccoli and leeks in the raised beds. In the green house we have Aubergines, Peppers and Tomatoes! Already some of the potatoes and garlic are showing leaves above ground which is very exciting!! I hope to give you updates on these as the year goes by.

Posts on my blog:

Stewarding, Strife and Smiles: My account of the challenges of stewarding at a conference.

Two Years of Marriage: What I have learnt in my marriage so far.

Introverts at a Conference: How an introvert can survive going to a conference!

A collection of Webs (4)

Well Halloween is coming very soon and no doubt everybody has their piece to say, especially Christians… yet one of my colleagues, Peter Dray has written three posts on Why God loves Halloween. Yup a different spin on things! Worth a read.

Over at Redeemed Mind Apologetics, Dan asks what our worldview is. I enjoyed tracing through the different options and outcomes! Which worldview are you? Have you ever tried this on the public to find out what they believe, it proves to be quite interesting and you can have some great conversations through it!

If you are a student and have exams. These top 10 tips for study may help you!

Was the name of Jesus declared by Moses?

Here is some really cool coffee art.

Lastly, check out Rob Ryan. An artist that makes incredible books and stories. Here is an interview with him… And here is a video of him working. And here is one of his pictures: