Too much Decaf?

There has been lots of talk about what Mark Driscoll said about the men in the UK churches, there have been some good responses to him from the blogsphere, although I doubt he will read them. I don’t think I could anything which hasn’t already been said. But this has brought up lots of questions about what our Christian men should be like and what does true masculinity look like? Here are some of my thoughts that I have been mulling over with this whole Driscoll pantomime, would love to know what you think!

  • I get to some extent where Driscoll is coming from, he is working with men who may want to prolong the “boyhood” stage of life and not take responsibility in work, marriage and the home/family… so some words need to be had. However, it always has to be Gospel words which is a mixture of gentleness, grace, conviction and repentance.
  • Who cares if you are well-known in Britain. There are plenty of British bible teachers that are faithful and good at what they do but they don’t need to be on radio or TV. Also I am sure there are lots of great bible teachers in China, India and Muslim countries but they might get killed if they go on TV… so go figure. I hope those bible teachers that are in Britian will be encouraged by the work they do, by the Gospel and not worry about how popular and well known they are. Keep going!
  • The church has been feminized? What does that mean? Check out this blog from Sarah Moon for some insights. Ok so guys may not be coming into the church as much, but it feels a bit wrong to say it’s because it’s too feminine and therefore we mean it’s actually the fault of women… it sounds a bit Genesis 3 to me “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”  It is all about heart attitudes isn’t it? Both of the guys and the girls.
  • How can we as women encourage our young men to lead well within church, family and work? How can men encourage women to have space and feel safe to practise their gifts instead of telling them everything they aren’t allowed to do…?
  • Lets pray for Driscoll. He is our Brother and he is a pastor and he is in the media. That must be tough. He needs our prayers and our Grace towards him too. Even though I may not agree with everything he says, I know I have to look at my heart first and see the plank in my eye.