Collection of Webs: Summer Edition Pt1

For most of the summer holidays I have been away, taking a break from blogging. It has been a fun summer with a mixture of going away on an IFES conference in Poland, holiday times at home and parents visiting. But now I am back & I thought I would do a summer edition of Collection Webs. Hope you enjoy it!

Books Read:

Summer is a great chance to read books, lots of books! Here is a snippet of some of the books I got to read:


A very gentle and fun read about a girl called Penelope who goes to University. This is a very quirky story and you meet some interesting characters! A nice holiday read.

bravenewworldBrave New World:

A classic and brilliant book. Huxley wasn’t far off the truth when he wrote this about the future.


I am still reading Silmarillion and I think it is brilliant! There is so much in this story that is the same to that of the bible. It is a history of the creation of the world and we meet its creator. There

is a fall. There is good and evil. Wonderful stuff.


It has been a rather creative summer for us, we have made homemade jam, homemade bread and lots of meals from scratch! Also my husband has done a step by step guide on how to do this DT project! How to make a Roman Catapult

What has also caught our eye:

Creative Bookmarks

How to make a Concrete Camera

Snaps from the summer:

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Reflections on Bank Holiday Monday

The Beach A perplexing thing happens when the sun comes out. It’s rays begin to warm the belly of the earth and the birds puff out their chests and begin a summer song.

The English hear this song. It vibrates into the core of their bones and it calls to them like sirens from the deep. It is a most beautiful siren causing the outcome so predictable. As the song rises up from their gut to their heart, their arms are already moving over towels and sun screens and wind-breakers.

The English with their hats and sandals in tow – off to the beach they go. Like flocking flamingoes in a lagoon, the English descend upon the golden shores. Smiles begin to beam as their eyes flicker across the treasure that glistens at them. Their tongue moves across their cracked lips as they gaze at the shimmering sea waves that curl and flop on the surface of the sand.

In packs they hunt for the right spot. Their own personal roasting tray.

Once found, they mark their territory with flags of triumph.
Here be our treasure.
Here is where we shall bake our pasty skin.
Here is where our children shall tunnel to Australia.

Here is where we shall master the art of changing into our swimming costume without a hint of skin and with little effort. This gymnastic art will be achieved with wiggles and shimmering bottoms as the clothes go off and the costume goes on – all under the mask of the beach towel. No flesh will be seen.

To the sea we must go! Regardless if it is only 12 degrees outside because my dear child the sun has got his hat on OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and this is our only day of summer. So make the most of it.

Trousers rolled up to our knees, swimming costumes on, armbands to the ready. Here we go.

Splash. Splash. Gurgle. Gulp. Shiver.

We remember quickly that we cannot swim and we hobble out of the freezing pit of ice. Yet we are proud of our sea swim. The sea has been conquered for this year.

We glance and we see: red lobster women with sunglasses, sand castles being engulfed in a tsunami, sandy sandwiches, whirlwind sand storms, water fights, BBQs smoking out the family next door, screaming children holding threatening weapons of buckets and spades, mums sighing, dads playing practical jokes, flirty flirts and ice cream consuming.

We sigh. It’s a good day for the beach.

Be-Engaging: Black Mirror

blackmirror I have recently been watching Black Mirror and some of the shows within the series. It’s written by Charlie Brooker and recently the second series has been on our TV’s. Charlie Brooker in each episode gives us a glimpse of the dark reality of technology and how we use it today, he comments that:

“If technology is a drug – and it does feel like a Charlie Brookerdrug – then what, precisely, are the side-effects? This area – between delight and discomfort – is where Black Mirror, my new drama series, is set. The “black mirror” of the title is the one you’ll find on every wall, on every desk, in the palm of every hand: the cold, shiny screen of a TV, a monitor, a smartphone.”[1]

It is a very clever series of short films about different areas of technology and the side effects of them. It makes you feel uncomfortable as you watch in horror at the things that shadow reality. Some of the themes that are picked up through the episodes are really interesting and I want to explore those themes within the three episodes that I have watched so far: 15 Million Merits, The Entire History of You and Be right Back. There are more episodes but I have yet to watch them. I will be writing these posts over this week, hope you enjoy them.

Feeling a little sluggish

I have been feeling rather sluggish on the blogging front lately. Not sure why, it might be something to do with the lack of sunshine and reading until my eyes pop out. So I am thinking of ways to be creative and I wrote into google “how to be creative”, clicked on the first link and the first thing it came up with was – “ignore everybody”…. so I ignored that link and went on to something else. I clicked on another link and it said I needed to eat with my hands and write songs to my pets… which seems rather messy with the Risotto we are having tonight and insane as I sing to the dog we don’t have…

Perhaps it’s not so much as having lack of ideas and creativeness, but just a a case of having a soggy teabag brain? I have been reading some Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books recently (I have been a fan for a long time) and came across an interesting quote by the character Death:

“Human beings make life so interesting. Do you know, that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to invent boredom.”

I am not sure how we can be bored. But we are and it causes restlessness. There are many wonders in the world, many things to do and see, but yet we can get bored very easily. Perhaps its the variety that causes that, a place of too much wonder and too much choice to see it and not enough of the mundane. I struggle with choice, when being faced with what to have for dinner in the next coming week I cannot decide, the amount of choice overwhelms me (just ask my husband, who is very patient!). But in a world where there is choice and instant everything all with its variation of the microwave *ping*, we can become expectant and overwhelmed. Well I can. I expect things to be instant, to be right there in front of me, to be 140 characters or accompanied with a comments section. And so when you come to a point where it all gangs up on you resulting in a soggy teabag brain, what can you do next?

1. Get out the house. Go for a walk. Breath fresh air and see real colours that aren’t pixels.

2. Drink coffee in cafe’s. Watch people. Draw people (Only the other week I realised someone was drawing me as I sat and read in a coffee shop – I wanted to make funny faces but instead I was too scared to move incase it ruined his drawing!)

3. See the creative works of others. Go to a Museum, an art gallery. Enjoy. Question. Ponder.

4. Seek being creative. Take your camera out and capture the world around you. Write poetry, draw, write stories. Cross stitch. Who cares if its rubbish, its yours and that’s all that matters.

To be honest I am more talking to myself and these are the things I need to do before the teabag brain slides out my left ear! But I hope it has helped you in some way too.


Something for the Easter Hols

Now that the Easter Holidays are here you may be looking for some fun things to do! So I thought I would share some fun videos on how to make a small Roman Catapult and a Table Top Chinese lantern – they were all made by my wonderful husband and he is the one in the video showing you what he made. This is great for school projects, holiday projects, for adults and children! Have some fun!!!

Roman Catapult:

And the Chinese Table Top Lantern: