Word Alive: 10 Highlights

crazypeopleThis week my husband and I went to Word Alive to serve on the International Track. Here is a snapshot of our time there:

1. Being on the International Student Team and working with a group of people that are very talented and have a heart for the nations.

2. Sunshine and the feeling that spring has arrived

3. Sharing with Josh and Jo – like-minded crazy people who love coffee!

4. Being on the logistics team and doing behind the scenes work so that everything works together.

5. 3 Year Wedding Anniversary

6. Romans 8 and seeing small groups in many different languages getting to grips with God’s Word

7. Coffee catch ups with Kristi Mair

8. Helping to cook Thai Curry for 80 international students

9. Seeing old friends

10. Having non-Christian International groups doing a bible study and asking questions about how they can know God.

It was a really fun week and the last time I will go as a staff worker. But if we were to go back, then serving on the International Team is where our heart is!

Thanks Word Alive for a Great Week!

Reflections on Bank Holiday Monday

The Beach A perplexing thing happens when the sun comes out. It’s rays begin to warm the belly of the earth and the birds puff out their chests and begin a summer song.

The English hear this song. It vibrates into the core of their bones and it calls to them like sirens from the deep. It is a most beautiful siren causing the outcome so predictable. As the song rises up from their gut to their heart, their arms are already moving over towels and sun screens and wind-breakers.

The English with their hats and sandals in tow – off to the beach they go. Like flocking flamingoes in a lagoon, the English descend upon the golden shores. Smiles begin to beam as their eyes flicker across the treasure that glistens at them. Their tongue moves across their cracked lips as they gaze at the shimmering sea waves that curl and flop on the surface of the sand.

In packs they hunt for the right spot. Their own personal roasting tray.

Once found, they mark their territory with flags of triumph.
Here be our treasure.
Here is where we shall bake our pasty skin.
Here is where our children shall tunnel to Australia.

Here is where we shall master the art of changing into our swimming costume without a hint of skin and with little effort. This gymnastic art will be achieved with wiggles and shimmering bottoms as the clothes go off and the costume goes on – all under the mask of the beach towel. No flesh will be seen.

To the sea we must go! Regardless if it is only 12 degrees outside because my dear child the sun has got his hat on OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA and this is our only day of summer. So make the most of it.

Trousers rolled up to our knees, swimming costumes on, armbands to the ready. Here we go.

Splash. Splash. Gurgle. Gulp. Shiver.

We remember quickly that we cannot swim and we hobble out of the freezing pit of ice. Yet we are proud of our sea swim. The sea has been conquered for this year.

We glance and we see: red lobster women with sunglasses, sand castles being engulfed in a tsunami, sandy sandwiches, whirlwind sand storms, water fights, BBQs smoking out the family next door, screaming children holding threatening weapons of buckets and spades, mums sighing, dads playing practical jokes, flirty flirts and ice cream consuming.

We sigh. It’s a good day for the beach.

JPOD Staff Worker Version 2.5

Not long ago I read JPOD by Dougles Coupland, which I really enjoyed probably because I spent a year in IT support at University and can relate to the randomness of this book and at heart I am a geek! During the book there are pages full of random quotes and sentences that just add to the surreal life of Ethan and his JPOD companions. How far from reality is JPOD? Probably not that far off, although no one seems to sleep and they go on random trips to China (which hasn’t happened to me yet). But perhaps in the fiction there is a base of reality that highlights the mundane and splashes it across absurdity. So it occurred to me that for fun I could write my own page of JPOD but relating to being a UCCF Staff Worker. And of course it is meant to be weird and not taken seriously.

STAFF WORKER version 2.5
Year 3 upgrade
Please press any key to continue..
“Come and have Breakfast”
Fish and Chips after death.
Freedom. Gospel. Grace. Love.
Are you a miserable Christian?
I Blog. I Think. I Drink...
Mac books are in Heaven?
I wear Fat Face. I am not Face Face. Face Fat. Book
I Create. I Dream. I Believe.
That is a good question…………………………………………………………..?
We have ink on our faces.
It is good to be a Christian. 
South West Team. Soup.Fellowship
Welcome to Exeter. Plymouth. Falmouth. Bristol. Bath
3:16.8:1.2:20.5:1. Genesis. ADAM. CHRIST. APPLE. CROSS. FREE
Snapshot of Cross Culture.
My morning drink is Exodus with a sprinkle of Romans.()()(()()()()()()()()()()

Living for Jesus. Speaking for Jesus.



Houseparty. 3 Block. Seminar. Ear Plugs.
Diving into the Gospel. Team Days. CAKE!
Forum. Tents…with a splash of sunshine please?
Reforming the heart. EDWARDS. OWEN.
Jesus is beautiful.


Lets have beautiful feet. 
            Feet need to walk and share good news. 
                    Good news needs to be in our hearts. 
                              Our hearts need to know Christ. 
                                                       CHRIST IS ALL.

####RELAY. Run the Race. Drink the coffee. Open the bible.#####


iblog, iread, idream, iknownothing.
  • Relationships. Tears. Goodbyes. New pages. Chapters unfold.
  • Be creative.
  • Don’t wear socks and sandals.
  • Do Enjoy.
STANDBY until HE Returns.

He makes me smile

Now reflecting on our first year of marriage I have had some insights into what Husbands do. This is just a bit of fun, but it is also a mark of some of the things my husband does which makes me smile and which I am very grateful for!

  1. Catching and getting rid of monster spiders that lurk in the corners of your house!
  2. Making phone calls to people who I don’t want to talk to (phone company, sky etc)
  3. Pushing the trolley in Tescos and carrying heavy shopping bags
  4. Makes me coffee first thing in the morning to wake me up! ( I need it)
  5. Gives lots of hugs when needed
  6. He often says he is praying for me which really encourages me
  7. Make me laugh with silly faces and noises
  8. Writes to me “Good morning” messages when he goes off to work or writes notes with my lunch!
  9. He runs and grabs the washing when it starts to rain.
  10. He picks me up from evening meetings and waits there while I am late…or very late
  11. He allows me to choose a movie which may mean a really girly movie!
  12. He often reminds me of Gods Grace

I must admit and not to sound cheesy at all, but since being married I have seen more of Gods Grace and love then I did before. This is so evident in times where I am pretty rotten and sinful and yet my husband still loves me and shows me such patience and love when I don’t deserve it. It is in those times I see just a glimpse of the love of Christ towards me and it reminds me that while I was far off and rejecting him, he died for me and won me back. Pretty amazing.

Something for the Easter Hols

Now that the Easter Holidays are here you may be looking for some fun things to do! So I thought I would share some fun videos on how to make a small Roman Catapult and a Table Top Chinese lantern – they were all made by my wonderful husband and he is the one in the video showing you what he made. This is great for school projects, holiday projects, for adults and children! Have some fun!!!

Roman Catapult:

And the Chinese Table Top Lantern:

Collection of Webs (14)

A rather interesting article on Masculine Christianity over at Christian.co.uk, which is quite an interesting site with some news and opinion pages.

Here is a look at Jesus in the bible from Genesis to Revelation. I quite like this, here is a snippet:

In Job, He is the arbitrator who not only understands your struggles, but has the power to do something about them.
In Psalms, He is your song–and your reason to sing.
In Proverbs, He is your wisdom, helping you make sense of life and live it successfully.
In Ecclesiastes, He is your purpose, delivering you from vanity..
In the Song of Solomon, He is your lover, your Rose of Sharon.

Check out Daily Shot of Coffee for some fun coffee facts, coffee reviews and ideas. I really enjoy reading it!

And lastly some fun pictures of txts that were sent to wrong people, there are lots about and these are the clean ones I found:

Highlights from the London Mission

Here are some of my highlights from the London mission:

1. Being in London and enjoying how big things are, how diverse people are and how much culture there is!

2. Working with SOAS students

3. Chatting with loads of international students during the day – we had some really great conversations.

4. Sharing the Gospel with students

5. A girl becoming a Christian at the evening events

6. Meeting a fellow blogger and someone who reads my blog! (It was nice to meet you!)

7. Surprise visit from Sarah

8. Listening to Krish speak about Jesus and films

9. Being with the London Team

10. Hearing the Gospel reading in Spanish.