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So what has caught my eye on the web over the last couple of weeks? Well let’s have a look:

“You can’t have a child” – facing the consequences of infertility or singleness – a great blog post over at Woman in London. A real heart-rending issue and she writes really well about it.

Preaching in a Vacuum – a Post by Mike Shaw about how Preachers are preaching to a certain culture and group of people.

The God who Gives to Give – Dave Bish posts about “the Father who gives authority to his Son, and the Father gives people to his Son, and then the Son gives Eternal Life to people.”

Evangelism: It ain’t Rocket Surgery – Written by Glen Scrivener on why Evangelism isn’t actually that hard.

And for the last link, I found this video on the Power of the Pentatonic scale – its is truly brilliant:


UCCF Forum 2012

Forum 2012 has been and gone and it was a brilliant week. There was also a huge suprise of having sunshine, I actually got sunburnt! No rain meant people were happier and the place just felt different to other years. So I will now share with you my highlights from Forum 2012. Also I did some talks on a track called Mission with the relational God, which you can check out here.

So some highlights:

1. Sun Sun Sun. No rain, no wellies, no getting wet but just sunburn. Wonderful.

2. Some of my favourite talks were from Jason Clarke, Mike Pilavachi and Lindsay Brown! I enjoyed being encouraged and challenged and reminded of the Gospel!

3. Hearing repentance from a leader on stage and for us to show grace – thats the Gospel.

4. Eating with students at lunchtime was great fun. It was really encouraging hearing what they had been learning during the week and how they want to see the campus reached with the Gospel!

5. Eating with staff – sharing a whole bag of pasta and laughing a lot with Ali and Emily. Great to have friends like these!

6. Creating an international cafe for students. Both Ali and I were wearing hats and welcoming them into the cafe, some looked scared and slightly amused. Hopefully they got the point!!

7. Doing an interview with Glen Scrivener in my talk.

Those are just some of my highlights. What are yours?


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A really great article in the NY Times on The Joy of Quiet“We have more and more ways to communicate, as Thoreau noted, but less and less to say. Partly because we’re so busy communicating. And — as he might also have said — we’re rushing to meet so many deadlines that we hardly register that what we need most are lifelines.”

Glen Scrivener has written a great post on Marital Communion (or, in other words, sex)–  “If I sit in my pew until I really really feel a heart-felt connection to Christ, I’ll never take communion.  But if I’m assured that Christ is promised in the bread and wine, then the focus is taken off my feelings and put objectively onto the real offer of Christ. So it is in the bedroom. “

A wonderful post by Dan Hames on Reclaiming the old language of spirituality “There is a difference between having faith, and depending on your faith.  Faith relies on the truth of the Word, and not on itself.  We may have many questions about our faith– its strength, goodness, quality, genuineness, and whatever– and can allow ourselves a healthy dose of pessimism about it.  My faith is not good. I’m not good.  But I don’t have faith in my faith!  Rather, I trust One who alone is good and true. “

Emma Scrivener wrote a great post on Heroes: Fallen or Pushed? – “I build them up in my head.  I praise them to their face and to others.  I consider myself a follower, a disciple, a devotee, a subscriber.  And in return, all I ask is that they never, ever make a mistake.”

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Imonk writes a really great post on this whole masculine christianity going around – he calls it Esau Christianity. Have a read a be a bit surprised!

As you know, I love drinking coffee. I also like to read blog about coffee and I found an interesting article about how to make coffee and there are 22 ways of doing it! Check it out here.

Glen write about how there is “nothing adult about porn” which was a very interesting article and he linked to another post on women and porn written on the conversational theology blog:

“First, and I want to say this first because I really don’t think anyone else is saying it at all, chicklit and chick flicks are not pornography for women, pornography is pornography for women. There is a myth which the church seems to have bought into completely that women are not interested in pornography. That this sin is exclusively a male sin. Women are instructed not to listen when a preacher addresses the men in the church about this issue. For a long time, I believed this lie too. And then I discovered the internet.”

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A new blog has hit my radar: Dave and Mary Mackie blog about life and being parents. Such a refreshing read.

The Gospel of Isaiah by Dave Cruver. Really enjoying his blog. But check out this post:

Generally speaking, every act of God consists of all three members of the Trinity. Each member participates- different roles in the same action. An obvious statement, yes; but a statement that must be presented again. The Triune God acts in such a way that the action is from the Father, through the Son, and by the Spirit.

Over here, Glen Scrivener writing about what Christians should placard over the world. What do you think?

Anita talks about Emotions and Scripture, here are some interesting insights!

Want to start reading the bible and have a plan to stick to? Here is a good one starting tomorrow (Monday)