Craft Ideas: Paper Cube and Glider

As the summer approaches, you may be interested in doing some craft stuff with your kids or giving this a go yourself. Here are a couple of videos that my husband made for some fun craft ideas:

Let’s Make: An Origami Paper Cube:

Let’s Make: A quick and easy Paper Glider:

If you would like to see more craft ideas for the summer, then please do pop over to his youtube channel!

Summer Making Projects

I just wanted to flag up some projects that you may be interested in making (esp if you have kids). My husband has been creating rockets and rocket launchers as well as cool stuff with Crayons. Have a look at his video’s and if you decide to make them then please do let us know how it goes!

1. How to make a PVC bottle rocket launcher:

2. Bottle Rocket Test:

3. How to make melted crayon room signs:


Something for the Easter Hols

Now that the Easter Holidays are here you may be looking for some fun things to do! So I thought I would share some fun videos on how to make a small Roman Catapult and a Table Top Chinese lantern – they were all made by my wonderful husband and he is the one in the video showing you what he made. This is great for school projects, holiday projects, for adults and children! Have some fun!!!

Roman Catapult:

And the Chinese Table Top Lantern: