Collection of Webs: January

So I saw this idea of doing a blog round-up through Tanya and I thought it was such a fun way of doing Collection of Webs. But this time it will be monthly and include lots of other little things like books being read and films watched etc. Hopefully this will be a bit of fun.

Blogs Posts from friends:

Bryony chats about the Gospel in the Job center – some great reading here: “I have really noticed that the job centre communicate a clear ‘gospel’ story (or worldview) that is completely in a realm of its own.”

Dan Hames shares a quote on: What to do when you just can’t pray.

Bish shares some reflections on the early Christian Unions: The story is the same today – there’s a legacy to inherit, but the Christian Unions are built on Christian freshers turning up in halls and standing together. We stand on the foundation of home churches and youth work, we stand on the work of God in people.

Ellie shares her thoughts on Purity.

A poem written by my husband about taking communion.

Blog Posts Out There:

An article on how men see women and sports. This was really insightful and interesting: The way we consume iconic national events like the Super Bowl better depicts what we really believe about women than does anything else. For in the invisibility of normality, there we find our idolatry.

Mike Reeves writes about why not having Adam and Eve is actually bad news for the Gospel.

A good post on Luther and his way with colourful words…


I have set myself a mini project this year which is to read War and Peace. I have just finished book 1 out of 15. Its going well and I hope to finish it before the year is up. But there some people in the world that read War and Peace more than once!

Also reading:

Game of Thrones book 3 and

Where is God when it hurts by Philip Yancy.


Currently enjoying some songs by Bethel and Boy and His kite.

As well as Rend Collective Experiment


Extremely loud and incredibly close

Also loving Miranda, Call the Midwife and Ripper Street.

What are you enjoying at the moment?

Favourite Posts on my Blog:

1.Can we know God?

2.The Heat of Love

3.No Airbrush Please

4.The biggest problem in Church

Collection of Webs (18)

Here is a beautiful video of this guy listening to music and how it seems to unlock something within him. It’s good that God created music 🙂 Thanks to Glen for posting this: The Glory of Music

Andy posts on the Silent Killer. A brilliant post on what we view to be our rights and entitlements.

This will make you laugh (hopefully). It’s an e-mail exchange between two people, one asking the other to make a poster for her lost cat. It made me laugh a lot. I hope it does for you to!

An inspiring talk on the Power of introverts from TED. Worth a watch.

Why should you care about M.E – a post written by Tanya. This is one post you want to read because the reality of this illness is often ignored, but people are speaking up and getting angry and wanting to do something about it.

Collection of Webs (13)

Some really great stuff out there in the web world:

An honest blogpost from Tanya Marlow and her story of how she is learning to trust. Just a great post.

When your blog is not on a Blog Roll… ah yes I can understand Anita!! I feel like this sometimes when I look at someones blog who I read and follow and I notice I am not on their blog roll!! WHY! This post is honest and great.

Btw both Anita and Tanya are on fire at the mo with their blogging, I am really enjoying reading their stuff.

This post was written a few weeks ago by Krish Kandia – Is christianity supposed to be masculine? I think it’s a brilliant, humble, biblical response to what John Piper wrote about Christianity.

Here is a wonderful how-to-guide on how to make a Latte and a pretty foam picture on top of it (you know  how you get those pictures on your coffee in the shape of a leaf, tree and your Auntie Mable etc?) Here is how you can do it at home!!!

And lastly here is a wonderful video of these guys singing composers names in the style of their music! it’s a bit long but worth watching!!!

Music for Sunday afternoons

I do love Sunday afternoons, a time of relaxing which for me means reading, watching a film or listening to music. Today I want to share with you some beautiful music that a friend recommended to me and I think they suit the Sunday afternoon chill time. Why not take 30 min to listen to these guys – The Piano Guys and enjoy the music.

My Rock and My Redeemer

I am a real fan of Sojourn Music and this song is just very heart warming especially when we are feeling weary this time of year its good to hear the gospel sung to us. Have a listen and the lyrics are below:

All I feel is broken, and weary to the bone
I’ve given up the fight and found I have no strength to carry on
Let me run to you, Draw me close and hold me tight
Be the strength that I don’t have, And in my weakness shine

You are my Rock and my Redeemer
My Refuge sure and strong, My faithful loving Father
You are my Shelter in the storm

I find myself a captive, Of the same old tired lies
The ones that say I’m hopeless, Not even worth a try
Let your truth run through me, Set me free I know you can
Take my soul, make me whole, To seek your face again

Teach me Lord to trust You, Instead of my own strength
To find my worth in Your love alone. And my hope within your grace.

Dissolve my frozen heart

Just found a beautiful song by Red Mountain Music. Check out the Lyrics as well – its very Richard Sibbes:

Lord, dissolve my frozen heart
By the beams of Love Divine;
This alone can warmth impart
To dissolve a heart like mine.

O that love, how vast it is!
Vast, it seems, though known in part;
Strange indeed, if love like this
Should not melt the frozen heart.

The love of Christ passes knowledge.
The Love of Christ eases fear.
The love of Christ hits a man’s heart;
It pierces him like a spear.

Savior, let thy love be felt,
Let it’s power be felt by me,
Then my frozen heart shall melt,
Melt in love, o Lord to thee.

How wonderful it is that Christ melts a frozen heart, that he lets his love warms our hearts and by the beams of love divine!