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Around the web over the last couple of weeks:

Talks from Transformission – This year was on adoption and it was so heartwarming.

The heart winning Trinity – Mike Reeves does some short talks on the Trinity. Wonderful stuff

Please don’t balance – A post by Peter Mead as a result of listening to Mike Reeves at Transformission

Dirty dishes and Marriage – Could the boring-repetitive tasks of marriage and family life—dishes, laundry, ironing, vacuuming, picking up clutter, chauffeuring—be the birthplace of joy and wonder?

Don’t Despise yourself – A great post by Emma

Big God or Personal God?

How we view God is very important. There are many videos such as “indescribable” or “how great is our God” that show us the greatness of God and I quite enjoy those videos, they show something of the bigness and majesty of our God. However if you have ever listened to the Transformission talks by Reeves, you may see that he says something quite different and shows us the most personal, tender God in the trinity, unfolding the beautiful dance of the Father, Son and Spirit.

On one level with those videos and as well as sermons that show us the greatness and bigness of God are in some ways right. God is most holy and majestic. He is creator and Lord. But to just stop there and ponder on that, leaves us feeling very small and wondering who this God is? because just from that description, I could be talking about Allah…?

Yet when we read the bible, it doesn’t leave us with just a Big God, all-powerful and mighty. Even from Genesis we see the Lord walking in Garden, we see the Lord eating with Abraham, we see the Lord wrestling with Jacob… The Lord comes down and is with his people, eating, walking and talking with his people. The is not just a “Big God”, this is a God who is trinity and a person of the trinity, who reveals the Father to us, from the start of Genesis is interacting with his people.

If God was just left to “big God” to worship because he is all-powerful and holy, it doesn’t give me much motivation nor joy to worship Him. But when I see God, the trinity – interacting with creation, the Father loving his people – sending his son to die for us, covering us with his blood, eating with us, hurting with us… then that moves me. I see a God who is personal and a God who wants to listen to me and who is relational within the trinity.

We must be clear about which God we are talking about. As I said before, if we leave God as just “Big God” instead of saying Jesus, who reveals the Father to us – then we could be talking about any “god”. It also implies that God is just One person – big and mighty God!  But he isn’t one person, he is trinity and we slip far too often into thinking God as big one person entity then God in three persons. So, talking about Jesus is far better, Jesus who is our bridegroom loves us so much and the Father has been fighting to save his people and prepare a bride for his Son and the Spirit has been softening hearts and revealing Christ to us. As Reeves mentioned in his talk – (paraphrased) is that God is Love and through his love he shows his strength and his might and his holiness as he fights for us and dies for us and covers us. But that’s not cos he is huge, but because he is relational, because he is love, because he is trinity.

See where you fit in? Not shrinking before God. But being invited in as adopted sons, as the bride and being invited into a feast and having a relationship with Jesus, who is our God.

Transformission 2011

Saturday was Transformission and it was fantastic. It was such a joy to listen to Mike Reeves talk about Jesus and in such a heart warming way. It was great to see so many students from across the South West all in Exeter listening to such Christ centered teaching.  Every time I come to Transformission I find my heart melting because I hear about Jesus. Mike speaks straight to the heart and showed us that God is not “high and mighty and distant” but he is 3 persons wonderfully relating to each other and a Christ-less god is that of the devil, who is on its own. It makes me think about how I talk about God to other Christians and to non-Christians.

I guess from listening to these talks my biggest plea is for churches to start preaching more of Christ, not a giant, strong god that is Christ-less, nor just a moral christianity where we learn how to be good, generous and kind. But lets preach Jesus and warm our hearts to Him and Him alone that the fruit of the Spirit will naturally flourish and praise will flow out and evangelism will be a natural out working of our hearts.

Why not have a listen to the talks and see for yourself.

(Photos will soon follow)