What is going on?


I know I haven’t blogged for a long time, my apologies. I have spent the summer thinking up ways to use my blog better and I have decided to upgrade and move my blog to a hosting site. This means I get more control over what I can do with my blog and it moves the blog to a place of more focus and intentional writing.

What focus will that be? My hope is to concentrate more on how Christians can engage with culture through books, films, media and video games. Within that I want to focus and share my thoughts on theology and encourage my readers to seek a deeper understanding and love for Jesus.

Where is this new blog? It is currently being made by me and its very close to completion! When I have finished with it and its ready to go I will post on here and the various social media sites. It will be a new blog address, so keep posted 🙂

I love having you all as my blog readers and would love it if you could follow me over to the new site once its up!

In the meantime please do comment on what you would love to see on the new blog, what films/books/video games/theology  you would like me to talk about from a Christian perspective and generally your thoughts!

Thanks so much for all your support and I will be posting the new site on here soon!


Resources for Worship Leaders

I just want to flag up a brilliant website for all those that lead sung worship in church or CU, write lyrics, in a worship band or love sung worship in church. This website was created by Olly Knight who was a staff worker with UCCF and he regularly leads sung worship at UCCF Forum and his Newfrontiers church in Canterbury.

Check out his website here: http://www.worshipjesus.co.uk

And the resource page is brilliant with lots on the theology of worship, how to write lyrics and how to lead worship.

I really love singing the songs he writes because they are very trinitarian and soaked in the Gospel! This is worth checking out.

Here is a video with more info: